Beautiful, Magical, Intense

This is a love song written some time ago. It came from a book I read which described the start of a beautiful romance between the main protagonist and a beautiful woman.

It features acoustic guitar, cajón, drums, cello, electric piano, organ and electric bass. The guitar and cajón are recorded acoustically while the others are all synthesized.

I think it could do with re-mastering, and  an improved and slightly less bass-heavy mix would improve it I think. Oh, and just so you know, the introductory count-in was not recorded in a toilet! However, I am very happy with this song. There are things I would change; I think the third verse needs greater variation of harmony / orchestration and possibly melody, but overall I like the structure, the feel, the sentiment. I like the interweaving of melodies, and the use of cello and clarinet solos. I also think the cajón and drums work well, particularly when the drums come in, quite subtly, at the end of the first verse, alongside a penetrating bass.

It’s good to listen through headphones, I think.

Again, I haven’t got the best voice these days, so it would benefit from a younger voice singing it. If anyone wants to record it, please get in touch.

Here are the lyrics:

Beautiful, Magical, Intense

A beautiful night, born of attraction
A magical night, fuelled by passion
One crap band, one great bar
Two people searching, two minds wander far
Three reasons why, and three why not
Four hands touching, four lips on fire

Swaying now, bodies tight
Dancing slow, tongues entwined
I look at you, soft hair curtaining
Your pretty face, my hands caressing
Drinking more, poured over me
I can’t believe you feel the same

A false start, such a false start!
But paradise lay in your bed
To be so close to your beauty
To feel your body next to mine
Just to see your eyes shine,
Oh to see your eyes shine….

So intense with such passion
And so loving with such attraction
I see you now my memory’s clear
You with me, beautiful to see
So long desired and so long repressed
Do you recall? Did you see?
It was beautiful

(Rpt chorus)

Just to see your eyes shine
Do you recall? Did you see?
It was beautiful
It was magical
So intense
So real

© Philip Hunt 2014

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