Flying on broomsticks

I wrote this as part of a series which I was going to try to market as children’s play time music. It is obviously inspired by Harry Potter books, which were a major influence on my children’s (and my!) life.

I like this. There is nothing special about it from a compositional point of view. It’s very much in the 19th century from a tonality point of view. But it works well and the melodies work well.

It is orchestral, with synthesizer accompaniment, and somewhere I have a video of my girls flying around the living room to it when they were small 🙂

I would redo the mix, as I think the balances are a little off at certain points. Obviously I would love to get an orchestra to play it, but they would need a piano and a harp. as well as some synthesizers… not to mention broomsticks!

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