Kingdom Come

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I wrote this song in 2009  after reading some J G Ballard stories. They fascinated me. After reading Kingdom Come, I decided to write something that would try to capture some of the essence of the story. Materialism. Tribalism. Fascism. As the Observer review says:

The book is mired in ambivalence and the only things it takes a clear line against are racism and sport. Sport is ‘the big giveaway’ of dangerous boredom: ‘Give them violent hamster wheels like football and ice hockey. If they still need to let off steam, burn down a few newsagents.’

The music tried to reflect the feel of the book, which I really enjoyed. It’s a hard dance-rock track and manages to mention refrigerators! Distorted guitars and synthesized figures sit above a distorted bass octave jumping pattern while drums are ever-present.

I think if they ever make a film based on the book they ought to use this song in the title sequence.


Here are the lyrics:

Creeping up to you around midnight (Pearson strikes again behind a hi-fi, Pearson strikes again behind a fridge)
Surrounded by the fire, I got you in my sights (Pearson strikes again behind a new car, Pearson strikes again behind a DVD)
Never fear, tonight we’ll fly
Keep me near, we’ll reach the sky

St George patrolling, dome as sun
We’ll blow ourselves to Kingdom Come
Metro centre guards as one
They’ll blow us all to Kingdom Come

Bright lights give my life so much meaning
And then I see the world keep turning and I’m screaming
Never ever, ever far (Never far)
Stick together gonna be a star (You’ll be a star)

Where there’s life there should be feeling (never, never go)
It feels so good to hear them screaming (never, never go)
Once again, again we’re here
Once again you’ll feel the fear (feel the fear)

© Philip Hunt 2009

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