Miss Steele

I admit it.

I quite enjoyed the Fifty Shades of Grey books. It became obvious quite early on that they were going to make a film of them so I decided to try and write a song that I would then send off for consideration for the film. I ended up writing two…

As I said at the start of this series, one of the main problems I have is that I never actually try to do anything with what I write. Pat taught be to be bolder. This song is a prime example. I think it works. It was ready well ahead of any deadline and yet I never actually sent it off to anyone. That is one of the reasons I started this series.

I wrote this to be sung by someone who might be a young Bryan Ferry. I don’t know who is the current equivalent. Who would you suggest?

I like the feel, the arrangement, the sound effects(!) and I actually like the recording too.

Here are the words:

Miss Steele

You bow your head, you come to me….
You don’t know why you’re here.
You know you couldn’t resist… you know what you should have done
It never seemed so right
It never seemed so wrong…
You bow your head, you come to me

All thoughts expire, your feelings
Your soul
You need to live, you need to love…
But is this now your role?
It feels so right
It feels so wrong!
So bow your head, and come to me!

Red room of pain…
How far can you go?
Tell me when to stop… but, oh! Please don’t!
I need to see you hurting
Please don’t ask me why..
I could love you, I could love you

The finest things in life are free… but what’s the price you pay?
You’re not alone now… but you’re never alone
Could you feel so high?
Could you feel so low?
Just bow your head, and do as you’re told!

Rpt chorus

Anastasia… Miss Steele…
I’d like for us to set it all down clearly
You’re to be whatever I want
In whatever clothes I ask you to wear…

Rpt chorus

© Phil Hunt 2013

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