Mr Jones – Part 1

Part one is based on the The Accurate’ watch, whose hands contain the words “Remember you will die”

What a wonderful idea to have this phrase in your vision every hour of the waking day as you wander along on your life’s path, straying constantly from your purpose and wishing you had the tenacity to wander in a straighter line along the path you want to follow!

I love the idea of this watch. Part 1 is therefore based on this.

Starting quietly with the choir ticking and tocking at a tempo slightly slower than the tick of a second, and in an irregular, mostly 7/4 beat, they are soon joined by a spaced piano chord, together with a solo cello, articulating a melodic line of some intensity. Meanwhile the melody runs within the choir with the words from the watch face, barely audible at times, moving between parts. Pizzicato cello and stark piano chords introduce the soprano who very clearly for the first time, brings out the watch’s message. Further pizzicato and staccato bars lead to a disturbed Bach-like ten bar chorale, which rises in intensity and harmonic progression until it falls away again in a reprise.

It segues into part 2 . . .

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