Mr Jones

Several weeks ago, while walking along the South Bank in London, I came across a wonderful, independent thing. In the Oxo building there are shops and galleries. It’s all very arty and interesting. There are ceramics shops, artists’ collectives, gift shops, curiosity shops… and a watch shop. Mr Jones Watches, in fact. The designs were fabulous; colourful and thoughtful.

So I decided, when I had some money, to buy myself one and one for my girlfriend. That day eventually came and so I did. I bought her a Cyclops ladies watch, which she promptly dropped and ran over . . . . so I took it for repair (which only cost me £10!!!!!) and we tried again!! I also bought myself the Sun and Moon watch (pictured above, on my wrist).

The designs inspired me to write a piece of music, so I looked though their catalogue and chose three watches to try to make a piece of music out of.

Part 1 is based on their ‘The Accurate’ watch, whose hands contain the words “Remember you will die”

Part 2 is based on their “Love knows not” watch.

Part 3 is was to be based on a watch called Always on my mind, but Mr Jones has stopped making this, so I am re-thinking part 3 . . .

The other thing is that the 3 parts of the piece may not be in this order in the final piece. They are in this order at the moment as this is the order in which I am composing them!

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