My Destiny

This is a very old song, from about 1995. It has stayed with me. I like the overall soundscape that I created. It does sound very dated and the guitar solo I used to really like, sounds tired and old-hat!

However on the plus side someone once told that I sounded very sexy when singing it!! I

The song appeared on Gamlingay Records’ first album, Volume 1

The words are as follows:


My Destiny

When I see you before me
I go weak at the thought
‘Cause you look so heavenly
And my life has come to naught
Living so close together
But we’re miles and miles apart
I wish you’d be mine forever
But you’re far, far too smart

And you look right though me
Oh what you mean to me!
You’re my one desire
My destiny

Seeing you close together
Is the worst of my fears
‘Cause it cuts right through me
Hurts my eyes and my ears
Miles apart we are singing
There’s no sound no melody
I wish your body were winging
Its sweet way back to me

Stay close to me
Your what I want
Don’t ever, ever leave
You’re my destiny

Lost on the horizon
I see you but you’re gone
It never really happened
It was just such a stupid song
But you live on inside me
You’re my guide
And you’re my light
You keep me singing
On and on through the night

© Hunt 1995


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