A few months ago I wrote a dance track called NRG.

It came from setting a groove on the PC and then picking up my bass and playing a 2-bar ultra-simple pattern. This forms the basis of the entire track. Not proud! The mix is a bit bass heavy too. Anyone want to master it for me?

Apart from the drum and bass tracks, there are some synths and a guitar or two in there.

I had been listening to the recent Daft Punk album and thought it would be good to use a vocodered vocal, contrasting with a clean one. The guitar feel also came from a Daft Punk kind of place.

The lyrics came from going out to a 40th birthday party, dancing for most of the night with someone (despite my running-injured ankle)and then talking afterwards about how she loves dancing, but for herself, not for anyone else. The track Solo Dancing by Indiana really struck a chord with her.

If anyone wants to re-record or come and do a vocal for me get in touch!

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