Out of Reach

I wrote this song in maybe 2002 or 2003. At the time, Robbie was swinging while he was winning, and saying something stupid to Nicole. That inspired me. I thought I could send it to Mr. Williams who could then sing it for Ms. Kidman. I must confess, she was something of a muse . . . Of course, being me, I didn’t get further than thinking I should send it to him…

The song was written from my deep past, when I played in the Aylesbury Music Centre Dance Band and the County Youth Jazz Orchestra, and I remember writing it quickly. It flowed. Programming it in to the computer using my new Proteus 2000 sound module, however, took a lot more time!

Jen advised on the words, as there were a couple of places where they didn’t quite work first time through. I changed a few and it flows much better now.

I still really like this track. I would love to hear it performed by a dance band. It’s scored for trumpets, trombones, saxes, bass, drums and vocals.

Contact me and I’ll see if i can pull the parts together!! . . .  and if you happen to know Robbie . . .

Let me know what you think 🙂

Here are the lyrics

Out of Reach

Tall, slim, legs right up to the brim of her hat
And she’s caught men
With those eyes open wide, hidden depths down inside
But she’s there where the other guys can see
That she’s free
But she loves me…
If only she could see!

Smile that greets me, like I’ve just come in from the cold
And those eyes that meet me
I am never alone when that memory holds
Little chance have the other guys around
‘Cos you know if they dare dance
I’ll kick them out of town

Whatever I do I know you’re out of reach
Whatever you do you know you cannot teach me to give in, to hold back…
‘Cos do I give up?
Though she’s out of reach

The light in her face guides me to where sailor’s die on the rocks
I can see she’s perfect
Ten out of ten, satin and lace
I would buy her every jewel and fur
But you know there’re no point ‘cos
They couldn’t keep up with her

(Repeat Chorus)

Once day we’ll fly in the moonlight
And you’ll make love to me
One day we will fly right up to the sky
And then you’ll see what happiness I’ll bring

(Repeat Chorus)

Whenever I look to the sky
And see that smile, and see those eyes
I know she’s out of reach

© Philip Hunt 2003

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