Shostakovich’s 12th Prelude and Fugue, Op.87

Very many years ago, a pianist friend of mine was about to sit her FTCL exam and at the last minute asked whether I would page turn for her recital. I of course agreed and one of the three pieces the was playing was The 12th Prelude and Fugue from Dmitri Shostakovich’s Opus 87 set. I really enjoy listening to his music in general and fell in love with this pair of pieces that start out so simply and evolve into a really quite complex web of fugal banter!

So on the prompting of Pat, my amazing teacher, I set out to take these two little gems and orchestrate them. I am quite pleased with the results, though given time there are things that I would still alter. I don’t think I have paid enough attention to the second parts of the wind instruments, for example.

I have used a pretty standard orchestra, ranging from tuba to piccolo, and am particularly fond of the brass interventions in both the Prelude and the Fugue… but of course I may be biased there! 

I need now to finish a couple of little things and then work out how to make the parts work in Sibelius, then I just need to find an orchestra to play it. If anyone has one or knows one that might be interested please let me know.

The score is looking quite good – again a little work needed.

I have added a recording which is a Sibelius playback, using Noteperfomer as the sound engine. It’s better than the native Sibelius midi engine, but far from perfect.. maybe get those EastWest libraries. Also I seem to have a software malfunction of some kind, as the very end of the fugue does weird things – and the brass, particularly, sound like a drunken cabaret band… this is really not how it is scored!!

Anyway, please let me have any feedback



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