What you gonna do?

I wrote this song after going to an Incognito gig in Canary Wharf with my friend Rakhi.

Let’s start by saying I really don’t like this recording. It’s muddy and the timing is all over the place. That having been said, if you can see past the inadequacies of the recording itself, I like the idea of the song. It was written in October 2013, based around the following guitar chords: C♯7 F♯7 E A   Am.

It’s up-tempo, dance music with a brass section and some obvious, but well-placed, harmonies. It has percussion, bass, electric piano, brass section, synths, electric and acoustic guitars, main and backing vocals. I think that the backing vocals add a positive dimension to the track, and the cajon complements the drums. The electric guitar sounds are very telecaster, and the breaks in the accompanying instrumentation at the end of each chorus give the song some effective highlights. I also quite like the little electric piano solo, as well as the vocal effects (phaser and chorus) during the middle-8, though the mix doesn’t work there. In fact the mix is dreadful. However I actually quite like the mastering on this track.

Any thoughts? Anyone want to re-mix for me?

Here are the lyrics:

What you gonna do?

Working all night to bring you home to my place
Wondering if it will be (with me)
Looking quite like we’re finding our own space
Where no others can see

So “When?” is the question
Tonight will it be?
I’ve got your attention
So bring it back to me

Wondering if I’m finding the right lines
Ticking the boxes you need me to
Seeing your eyes light up when I get there
Wanting to push it through

My heart beating faster
Tonight will it be?
My mind working harder
To bring it back to me

Kissing you on the bridge by the bright lights
Holding you close against my body
Thinking it’s time to reach the next stage
Hoping that you agree

So what are you thinking?
What will you do?
I’m here if you’re asking
So what you gonna do?

© Phil Hunt 2013

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