Yin to my Yang

This song is about missing your soul mate. Written when I had to cook my own tea. It was conceived as a rock ballad, in the style of an 80s synth rock band. Think Bon Jovi mixed with Bryan Adams. It didn’t quite end up being that, but it is recognisable in this form.

There are lots of guitars and keyboards, rock drums and backing vocals, and a screaming guitar solo in the middle, like all good rock songs 😉 It needs a gravellier voice than mine I think and it also could do with re-mixing and laying out, as the timing is slightly out in a couple of places.

However it is good fun and I quite like it in many ways.

The main theme from the verse is used as the guitar solo, and the harmony in the chorus gives you the feel-good rock feeling that seems to be required.


Here are the lyrics:

Yin to my Yang

Lying here alone and I see your face now
Smiling back at me and I see you’re here
It seems so long ago that you went away there
When will you return, return to me?

Looking at you
You’ve never seemed so beautiful
As you do today
Wanting so much
To be right by your side now
Being your man, you’ve chosen me

Cos you’re the Yin to my Yang
You’re the beat to my heart
You are the earth and the wind
The fire to my desire

Standing next to you makes me feel the heat now
I touch your hand – there’s electricity
I see the curve of your shoulder the smile light up your face
Your eyes are so bright and you’re looking at me

© Phil Hunt 2009


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