Beatz, the first

I don’t actually remember writing this track. I know I did, though, as I have the files on my computer! I wrote it in 2013.

It’s really a straightforward piece of ambient dance electronica. I can imagine parts of it being used a film soundtrack. It’s driven by the bass line and the piano figures and is embellished  by the various synth pads and accompaniments. The drums and percussion are light touch, though if you listen with a decent sound system or headphones you will hear some fairly deep, quiet percussion at times.

I experimented a little with some suspensions at a couple of points. The structure is very linear and I did think at one point I might add some vocals, not in order to make a song out of it, but some vocal sounds to enhance the synthesized sound palette.

Anyway, It fills me with a sense of love and good will. I find it quite a relaxing piece to listen to, though I tend not to have the volume very loud, or I think it sounds a bit too compressed. . . maybe that says something about my mastering ability!

Let me know what words spring to mind when you listen to it. If want a copy of the piece, let me know and I’ll email you an mp3.


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