Better Times

Here’s a song from 2010 that I co-wrote with my friend Alexis who also sings on the track.

We sat in my studio and decided to write a song and this is what came out. I really like it. I think the melody works well, the harmonies are straightforward and I’m happy with the instrumentation. Lots of synths and a wee bit of guitar. This is the second mix, which I made in 2013. In the first one there was too much guitar and the instrumental in the middle was just a bit bland. So for this version I added a ‘rap‘.

I have been told it’s not Top 40 material, but I think it might have a certain je ne sais quoi as a commercial hit. If anyone want to find out more, just message me!

Here are the words:

Better Times

Summer time, winter time, all the time I’m here
Alone, left out, feeling like you’re not there
Heartbroken I stand and see you’re gone
You left me here I was such a fool

But I’ll be OK without you, not too sure what I will do
But I know that there’ll be better times
Time that we have spent apart really hurt and broke my heart
But I know that there’ll be better times

And I’ll be fine

You took my heart and broke it in two, what a desperate thing to do
You saw me wasted, vulnerable, never thought you could be so cruel
Alone, stranded, feeling so abandoned
Mesmerised by your eyes,
We have given this so many tries


The trust we had went a long time ago
You said you never lied but I knew it was so
Black is white, white is black
Many times I tried but you just threw it back
In my face, that’s the place where you should have seen the truth
But instead you carried on spouting rubbish from your mouth
It never was the same after starting down that path
Of lies and untruths, now I’m moving on at last


© Hunt / LLoyd 2010-2013

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